Design & Planning

Recognising planning potential and preparing a planning application can become quite complex and stressful.

Rochester Homes offers a planning service which is designed to help clients through the whole planning process with the minimum amount of stress and anxiety.

Our planning service includes the following
  • Site Appraisal – is there potential?
  • Cost – If so, crunch the figures. Is it worth it?
  • Design – sourcing a suitable architect to prepare the site drawings
  • Organising relevant surveys – Topographical, Highways, Contamination, Wildlife etc
  • Design & Access Statement – Contains all relevant planning policies
  • Submitting an application – Collation of the above, submitted in the current format with the necessary fees
  • Monitoring an application – registration, 21 day notice period, delegated or committee decision etc. Amendments submitted if required.
If planning approval is declined Rochester Homes can also assess the possibility of a successful appeal. If required, application and representation.
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